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    Real Fruit Tea: A product you NEED to try to believe 

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I’m not a huge fan of posting product reviews. To be honest, they usually just feel gimicky and sponsored to me. Then I was introduced to REAL FRUIT TEA there was NO way I couldn’t tell you guys about it. Basically, it's a jar of healthy spices, herbs, lemon and REAL pieces of the softest, most perfect fruit inside 🍒🍓🍋. Now, if this product lasted 3 days on the shelf, it would make sense, right? Well, what if I told you that it lasts 12-18 months on the shelf until it’s opened up. So yes, if you buy a jar and open it next year, the fruit inside will still taste like it was literally just picked off the vine.

My mind is blown! 

In addition to making tea with this, you can also use it to make this amazing Cranberry Mango Ricotta Stuffed French toast using the MOST incredible product, REAL FRUIT TEA.  Click the link below and you'll also see a step by step on how I made this (how cool is this new tool?!)

~ EricaEckman 


Cranberry Mango Ricotta Stuffed French Toast




        Real Fruit Tea is incredibly delicious!I love to put it in my smoothies, since I am usually on the run, adding Real Fruit Tea to my smoothie cuts the prep time in half and makes my smoothie really healthy! It tastes great and is good for you! What more do you need? I also enjoy drinking it as a warm or cold beverage, it's very refreshing and a nice substitute for soda or juice.

~ Anna


         'Peach with Ginger' 5 stars, saying: This is so delicious with hot water. The seasoning is just the right amount of peach and ginger, with a touch of sweetness to draw out the peach flavor. I love the little peach pieces that collect at the bottom of the cup. Time for a cup.

~ Terri

          I love this drink. You can taste real fruits. Quality is stellar!!! Highly recommended. Thank you!

~ Szymon


             'Blueberry & Cranberry with Anise' 5 stars, saying: Light and refreshing; a bit like a fruit infusion but a more complex flavor. Good way to flavor sparkling water, too.

~ Kristine


         Love your teas! I got your tea last summer at the end of summer.  In  Wheaton Illinois. I got the cranberry mango and the berries with cardamom . I love them hot.

~ Sheri   



       Real Fruit Tea is fabulous. We enjoy it hot and cold. There is a true taste to the natural flavors. My personal favorite is Berries with Cardamon. It also makes a nice gift when visiting family or a friend. You can drink it anytime, no caffeine!

~ Carolyn 



        My family and I love Real Fruit Tea!!! We use it for brewing delicious tea and toppings for yogurt, vanilla pudding, waffles and pancakes. Besides that it tastes great, we love that it has no preservatives.

It's a healthy choice!!!

~ Michaela



       Tea is great and healthy without artificial ingredients! Good balance of fruit and spices. By far the best real fruit drink I've ever had!

~ Roman



       Real fruit tea is really tasty. I tried the strawberry flavor and loved it. I would highly recommend giving

it a try.

~ Sherry



       Delicious, hot or cold, over yogurt or ice cream....Recommend for every household, gift ideas. Wonderful taste, many varieties, Always surprised by a new flavor, all natural, healthy.
Our family and friends love "TEA PARTIES".

~ Marie


      One Of the best real fruit tea I ever tried..... You have to try it to believe it yourself.

~ Rafal

      'Cherry with Cardamom' 5 stars, saying: Nice treat to oneself. Full of flavor and chunks of fruit. YUM!! 😊

~ Kathy        


      Very tasty and refreshing!!! Our family love it!!!

~ Eva



        It's hard to choose which I like the best...they are ALL so delish! I love the versatility of Erika's Fruit many ways to use it! So easy to make a refreshing drink on a hot summer day or a warming, soothing, comforting hot bev when it's cold...simply by adding water! My fave thing to do is to add it to my oatmeal, nothing else needed. How wonderful that it's made of a handful of all natural products.

~ Sophy



        I found you at the Downers Grove Farmer's Market last week. I tried your real fruit tea samples! They're all so good that I placed an order and just received it today!! I love to mix in my crystal light lemonade!

~ Shirley



          I am always looking for natural ways to add flavor to my water, seltzer, etc. and I bought four flavors of this and love it!

~ Laurie



           Very tasteful and refresh you have to try it to believe it great job real fruit tea!

~ Maggie


Great new business with real tasty treats !

~ Aline

I am enjoying my tea !! Thanks again.

~ Debbie



       Great drink with real fruits. I enjoyed hot, but iced tea taste great too!

~ Jana



       It was great!  My boyfriend loves the strawberry mint and I love the blueberry cardamom!  

~ Emily


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