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Welcome To Erika's Kitchen

My name is Erika and I would love to share with you what my husband and I have created. We are a family-owned business based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. We would love to introduce you NEW product to the US market, very unique, all natural beverage called REAL FRUIT TEA. 

Our story begins 100 years ago… before soda and other non-alcoholic beverages were invented and became popular. In the olden days, for many generations, people were making their own fruit drinks from fruit they harvested in their own garden or found in the forest. They enjoyed the delicious REAL taste of the fruits in the drink without having to add any additives or preservatives. 

As a passionate entrepreneur and mom of two I was always looking for healthier drinks for my kids and family, something that could replace all of the sugared drinks and sodas. I like to 

Since we have been making everything home from scratch, we've decided to make a twist and

create something special, unique, and pure. We put our love and passion into this amazing product that people LOVE! Bring our delicious upscale specialty beverage to the next level. 

We have created our own original family recipe for our high quality product!  that features a gourmet line of delicious homemade Real Fruit Teas.

Unlike sugared drinks and fruit juices our Real Fruit Tea is made from scratch and made from natural, unprocessed real fruit and that makes it a healthier choice for everyone.


Real ingredients that you can see and pronounced!

We are so proud on ourselves that we develop special manufacturing process that allows the fruits stay in solid pieces and even after a year looks and tastes fresh without having to add any additives or preservatives.  

Our concentrated Real Fruit Teas, are well balanced with multiple healthy spices, herbs, fruits and lemon. All you have to do is add water!

There is nothing artificial, everything is REAL -the fruity flavor comes naturally from the fruits themselves. Enjoy the pure, rich taste of real fruits in every glass!


We take pride in using only the finest natural and organic ingredients. 


Based on an old traditional family recipe, we still produce Real Fruit Tea by hand.

We believe that with our uniqueness and the quality of our product, we can enhance the menus and customer choices for high quality and healthy drinks and other products as well.


ATTENTION:  Erika's REAL Fruit Tea is Made with Love


What REAL Fruit Tea is Made of

Our popular fruit teas include real cherry, apple, pear, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, plum, orange, peach, ginger and mango. Many of our fruit teas are made from combinations of fruits, herbs and spices. 


REAL fruit tea is new, unique, 100% natural,

healthy and delicious with pieces of fruit. 


How to Prepare 

Real Fruit tea is concentrated and 6 oz jar makes multiple servings.

(Usually 4-6)

Stir mixture well in jar before adding into cup. Recommended: Pour 8 oz. of boiling or cold water over 2-3 tbs. of Erika’s Real Fruit Tea. Stir and enjoy! 


The tea is unbelievably delicious! 

Enjoy hot or cold!

Real Fruit Tea can be topped with slices of lemon, honey or ice.


In the warmer months serve as a perfect cool-me-down.

When it is cold outside it is very relaxing and warming to the senses.


Refrigerate after opening!



Cranberry Mango.jpg
Blueberry Cranberry Anise.jpg

concentrated means more savings

Compare and Save 

6 oz REAL Fruit Tea Jar

Makes up to 6 drinks



coffee shop

Makes up to 6 drinks


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