3 Jar of Real fruit Tea Gift Box. Included in your box is 1 jar of Berries with Cardamom, 1 jar of Cranberry Mango with Vanilla and 1 jar of Strawberry with Mint. 


Makes perfect unique gifts for your loved ones, for the whole family, as well foodies, chefs, bloggers or someone special! 


Real Fruit Tea is a very unique blend made with real pieces of fruit, herbs and spices all well balanced! Made from scratch with LOVE! Just add water! Unbelievably delicious hot or iced! Nothing Artificial... the flavor comes naturally from the fruitthemselves! Other uses include a very tasty topping or great enhancement for any of your favorite beverages even cocktails, wine , champagne, smoothies and much more! 


Want to customize your gift box? Just add a note and choose any 3 jars of our six vibrant flavors. 

Other flavors are: Peach with Ginger, Cherry with Cardamom and Blueberry Cranberry with Anise. 

Gift Box of 3


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